You must enter dates in the mm/dd/yyyy format BUT they do not have to be valid complete dates. E.g., if the only date you have is 1798, enter 00/00/1798. You can enter 03/00/1822, etc.

To search the text or notes, enter search terms below.

The less specific you are, the more finds you'll have. E.g., "John" will find every "John" you've entered.

The more specific you are the more likely you'll find exactly what you want, but take care: "John Smith" won't find "John Wesley Smith" (if John Wesley Smith is entered in one search box).

The better solution is to enter "John" as one search term, "Wesley" in the second box and "Smith" as another search term.


To search for a date, enter the date (or part of the date). (Use numbers, not month names.)